Useful websites for Fermanagh family history research

This is a fantastic resource for those searching for their Fermanagh family history. There are over 400 databases. It also includes material from other counties. They are freely available. Thanks to Vynette Sage for the all hard work in transcribing the vast majority of these Fermanagh databases. Thanks also to George Armstrong. Thanks to David Johnston for facilitating the searching of these databases.

An important link for Fermanagh family historians is the Griffiths Valuation website. As well as family name and place name searches, you can also look at maps where your ancestors lived. Not easy to interpret, but through comparison with modern maps you are able to look at the location of your ancestors.

PRONI has a great website. Their e-catalogue is excellent. It always amazes me the importance of minor landlords in Fermanagh. I’ve just been searching for a family in Drumsillagh in the Rossory Parish and looking at Griffiths Valuation it appears that the landlord is a Sir Josiah Hort. Searching on Google and on the PRONI e-catalogue reveals sources available for the Hort family and it appear that there are links with the Caldwell family through marriage with information also available in the Sir John Rylands Library in Manchester, where there is significant archive of information about the Caldwell family.

Access to the Roots Ireland paysite has improved significantly with a new subscription system. Instead of paying €5 per record, you can access records for a daily or monthly subscription. Civil Birth and Marriage records are available for Fermanagh up until 1920, as well as a significant number of Fermanagh Graveyards. The Advanced Search facility allows you to add the father’s and mother’s first names and surnames and this helps with your searching.

IGP now has a lot of Fermanagh records, particularly church records. Thanks to George Armstrong, who has been transcribing a lot of these databases.

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